Taika Waititi Thor 4
Taika Waititi Thor 4

Taika Waititi says Thor: Love and Thunder will double down on the craziness that he brought to Thor: Ragnarok.

Waititi recently spoke to Wired as part of the press tour for his new film Jojo Rabbit and was asked about his plans for Thor: Love and Thunder. Waititi has finished a version of the script for the film, but he’s been reluctant to reveal too many details about it at this point. What he would confirm, though, is that he plans to lean even harder into the weirdness that Ragnarok included.

It’s going to be bigger and louder and more bombastic. It’s only interesting to me if we’re doubling down on how nuts Ragnarok was.

Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor, Tessa Thompson will play Valkyrie again, and Natalie Portman will be back as Jane Foster, who will make her debut as The Mighty Thor! When previously talking about bringing Portman back to the role, Waititi said:

“I just said to her, ‘Are you interested in coming back to this thing, but doing something really different?’ Because another thing, no one wants to keep repeating themselves and no one wants to play the same characters all the time. And I think for her, just coming back reprising that character but in this whole fresh new way, is really what I think would interest anyone. Especially, in most of these films, if you’re not a superhero… do you really want to keep doing that? I mean, I wouldn’t. I would want to come back and change things up.”

It remains to be seen how exactly Waititi plans to top the craziness of Ragnarok in Love and Thunder though. Waititi has said that they’re still figuring out if Thor will keep his larger figure from Endgame in the sequel. Meanwhile, he’s teased that the movie may adapt Jane’s breast cancer storyline from the comics in her MCU return. With production slated to begin next year, it won’t be too long before we start to learn more about Waititi’s bigger plans for Thor: Love and Thunder.

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