Todd McFarlane is going to make sure that the long-awaited reboot of 1997’s Spawn moves forward with the R-rated script he wrote, even if that means that he has to turn to crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter to make sure it happens. The Spawn reboot was originally meant to begin filming in 2018, but the constant script changes have stalled production. McFarlane has been very open about how much he intends to stick to his creative vision for the Spawn reboot, even saying that he will leave the project if the script is changed too much.

Speaking to a crowd at San Diego Comic-Con, McFarlane addressed the issues that are holding up the reboot’s production. According to McFarlane (via, the problem is money. Specifically, the executives that need to sign off on the film’s financing are unsure about how much they want to follow through with McFarlane’s current script.

“The money’s sitting on the sidelines ready to go”, said McFarlane. “I just need to get everyone that wants to put in money to shake their heads to the same script. As you can imagine, everyone has a slightly different version of it in their head. You just go and trying to appease a handful of people while not giving in to what it is that I’m trying to do myself. Because if I have to change it too much, I’ll just walk away from it all.”

While at Comic-Con 2019, McFarlane elaborated on the Spawn reboot financing hold up – and his threats of action, if the film doesn’t start gaining traction soon. As he explained to the crowd at SDCC2019:

“Lemme see if I can just go real quick: Spawn movie, right? When are you going to make a Spawn movie, when are you going into production? My answer is ‘Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday.’ …. I need $20 million to make this movie, I don’t have all of it. I have to ask people for money, and once you ask people for money, they get to have a say in it. Like I said, it’s a little bit of an uphill battle, because again, I just want to do this little dark ‘R’ movie, and they like those PG-13 success movies.” He isn’t willing to compromise just to make it more marketable, and, he hinted that he may instead turn to Kickstarter to get the $20 million he needs, saying:

Look I am relentless, I’m like a dog with a bone. I will get there, I promise you. I will get there. Because I will beat the system. Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll do it as a Kickstarter… and here’s the Kickstarter: I need 20 million people to give me a dollar. And I will make this movie, and when I get the money back I’ll return the dollar back to you. And you will be my producers… and all I’ll need is the distribution. That’s doable today.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie reboot.

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