Green Lantern Fan Art
Green Lantern Fan Art

An Instagram artist has imagined a world where John David Washington and Tom Cruise were cast as the leads in a Green Lantern film together. Although a beloved comic book property, there has only been one live-action Green Lantern movie made to date, which was released in 2011 and starred Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The film was considered a box office failure and was heavily critiqued by fans. The project missed the mark so badly, in fact, that Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 even included a joke made at the Green Lantern film’s expense.

Warner Bros. has yet to bring another Green Lantern film to the big screen in the 9 years since the 2011 film’s disappointing release. DC does have a Green Lantern Corps film in development, but it has been in the making since 2014 and movement on the project has been slow. As a result of the project’s behind-the-scenes delays, much still remains unknown about the film. However, it has previously been confirmed that, unlike the 2011 film, both Hal Jordan and John Stewart will play major roles in Green Lantern Corps.

A new piece of DC fan art from Instagram artist ultraraw26 imagines what actors Tom Cruise and John David Washington would look like in a live-action Green Lantern film, as the Jordan and Stewart characters, respectively. The artist places Washington front and center, with the Green Lantern symbol projecting from the emblem on his costume. Behind him, Cruise wears a mask, with his ring creating what appears to be a gun. The image is set in space, with the rings of a planet visible in the background. You can check out ultraraw26’s incredible piece below:

The artist rounded out the piece with a caption explaining why they chose Washington and Cruise in the Green Lantern roles. Washington would apparently be their first pick as John Stewart – a choice that Washington’s Tenet director Christopher Nolan agrees with. The artist also says they would select Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan because of the actor’s pilot skills and because Cruise “doesn’t age.” The caption ends with ultraraw26 asking other users to let them know if their self-selected cast doesn’t make sense. However, thanks to the above piece, it’s hard to envision anyone but Washington and Cruise starring in Green Lantern Corps.

While Green Lantern fans have long waited for the Jordan and Stewart characters to team up together onscreen, DC has remained frustratingly silent about any Green Lantern Corps updates. The film remains the very definition of a work in progress, leaving the character’s future on the big screen a mystery for the time being. Meanwhile, HBO Max has a forthcoming Green Lantern television series in the works, which could manage to tide fans over for a while. Until then, fans of both the Hal Jordan and John Stewart characters will have to continue turning to comic books, and fan art like this, for new Green Lantern content.

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