Tom Holland Ben 10
Tom Holland Ben 10

Tom Holland is imagined as the title character in new Ben 10: Alien Force fan art. Since premiering on Cartoon Network in 2005, Ben 10 has become the channel’s longest-running franchise, in addition to one of its most critically-acclaimed. As part of that longevity and continued success, Ben 10 has evolved through several different iterations.

The story of Ben 10 focuses on Ben Tennyson, a boy who acquires an alien device in the guise of a watch. Known generally as the Omnitrix, it contains the DNA of different alien species. This allows Tennyson to transform into aliens, ten initially, though more aliens are included as the franchise progresses. Previous fan art highlighted what Chris Evans might look like as a grown-up version of Tennyson. Now, one of Evans’ frequent co-starts, Holland, gets the Ben 10 treatment.

A new piece of fan art by spdrmnkyxxiii imagines Holland as the teenaged title character of Ben 10: Alien Force. The green and black muscle car, occasionally used by Ben, is also prominently featured to make the case that the Spider-Man actor could seamlessly blend into another iconic franchise. You can check out the art, which includes Ben’s famous jacket, below.

Holland has long been a leading candidate to portray Ben Tennyson in a live-action adaptation, with concept trailers advocating for the actor in the role. Out of all the Ben 10 stories, Alien Force would suit Holland best. In some ways, Tennyson resembles Peter Parker. Tasked as he is with occasionally protecting the earth from villains, it would be familiar territory for Holland. Particularly since the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, he’s received plenty of praise from critics and audiences for perfectly encapsulating the contradictions of a young hero with incredibly outsized responsibilities. On the other hand, Ben 10: Alien Force has a notably dark tone. With more complex plot, less humor, and the tendency to kill off characters, it would be a bit of a departure from the portrayals that Holland has been associated with thus far in his career.

While he is slated to be the leading man in several upcoming blockbusters, including Uncharted, Holland has shown a definite interest in the seedy worlds depicted in his other films such as The Devil All the Time and Cherry.  An adaptation of Ben 10: Alien Force could ultimately serve as a combination of the two lanes that Holland wants to excel in. The franchise comes with its own built-in fanbase, but the source material itself is nuanced and even challenging to audiences at the time of its release. Currently, plans for a live-action adaptation appear to be dormant. If that were to change, Holland would be a solid choice to headline the project.

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