Spider-Man Sony
Spider-Man Sony

Tom Holland reacts to the news of Spider-Man’s return to the MCU by posting a Wolf of Wall Street clip on social media.

Holland included a simple winking emoticon as the cherry on top of his reaction. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is quoted as saying “I’m not leaving” in the clip, echoing Holland’s feelings of not Spider-Man not leaving the MCU. His co-star Zendaya also shared her reaction on social media, posting a GIF of Spider-Man performing a spirited dance.

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Many people were upset when it was reported back in August Spider-Man was leaving the MCU, so movie fans probably had a similar (or the same) reaction as Holland to today’s news. In his short time in the franchise, Holland’s take on Peter Parker became a fan-favorite and has largely been defined by his relationships with other MCU characters. Considering how embedded the character was in the MCU and the multitude of unresolved storylines dangling in the wake of Far From Home’s jaw-dropping finale, it would have been a disastrous turn of events if Marvel couldn’t use Spider-Man anymore. Sony seemed set, preparing to integrate Peter into their villain’s universe, but that may have to wait for the time being. Holland, who was extremely grateful for all the love MCU fans gave him, is no doubt celebrating he’s still an Avenger.

A third film in the Spider-Man: Homecoming series is scheduled to hit theaters on July 16, 2021.

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