Spider-Man Tom Holland
Spider-Man Tom Holland

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has shocked fans by unveiling a rather different new look. Brace yourselves…

A video of Holland, seemingly giving someone a shoutout on a phone, was posted to Twitter on Monday night. Holland says hello to the camera and you can see that he’s got almost no hair at all. This video arrives just about a week after filming on Cherry was announced.

The tweet that shared the video included the caption, “TOM HOLLAND IS HAIRLESS NOOOOOO.” Check it out below.

We can’t say we weren’t warned either. Back in August, the actor wrote on Twitter: “Bye bye hair.”

In the new movie, Holland plays the lead character based on author Nico Walker, who wrote the book that inspired the film. After returning home from war with undiagnosed PTSD, Walker developed an opioid addiction and began robbing banks. He was arrested and convicted of his crimes in 2011, scheduled to be released from prison in 2020.

A third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland has a release date of July 16, 2021.

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