Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime

A new set video for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts shows Optimus Prime’s new G1-inspired design, and the Autobot leader looks fantastic. The Transformers film series shifted gears after the critical and commercial failings of Transformers: The Last Knight, moving to a smaller-scale model in Bumblebee that stayed closer to the franchise’s roots. That change yielded the most acclaimed Transformers film since the original, and it looks like Transformers 7 will be carrying on Bumblebee’s legacy.

Based on the late 1990s Beast Wars: Transformers cartoon, Transformers 7 will bring in some previously unseen classic characters in live-action films, including Optimus Primal and Rhinox. However, that doesn’t mean that the more established Cybertronians will be out of the picture. On the contrary, Paramount has revealed that Optimus Prime will be back in a leading role in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and that the film will explain how he became so invested in the human race. It’s also been revealed that the film will feature a new, G1-inspired design for Optimus, which has been celebrated by many longtime fans.

In a new set video for Transformers 7, that new design is revealed in its full glory. The video, posted initially to TikTok account arun09345 and shared to Twitter by YouTuber Cris Parker, shows the semi-truck being used for Optimus’ vehicle form driving down the street in New York City where the movie is filming. From the color scheme to the design of the cab itself, it’s a spot-on recreation of the original G1 cartoon version of Optimus Prime.

The overly complicated and essentially unfaithful robot designs of Michael Bay’s live-action Transformers films were one of the most commonly cited criticisms against them, especially by longtime fans of the franchise. The original Transformers toys, and by extension the versions in the cartoon, were iconic but straightforward – memorable designs, both in their robot and vehicle forms. Bumblebee received high praise for its loyalty to the older designs, and it’s great to see how Transformers: Rise of the Beasts keeps that trend going.

Of course, the new video only shows Optimus Prime’s vehicle form, leaving his robot form for Transformers 7 still a mystery. But if it’s anything like how he looked in the opening Cybertron scenes of Bumblebee, that bit should be satisfactory for fans as well. It’s been a few years since Optimus got to be at the center of a Transformers film, and his last outing wasn’t exactly acclaimed. But now, with Transformers 7, Optimus Prime may finally be returning to his former glory.