Venom and Spider-Man Movie
Venom and Spider-Man Movie

Sony Pictures’ Venom 2 may feature a Spider-Man cameo as MCU actor Tom Holland is rumored to be in talks to appear as Peter Parker in the Marvel movie.

Today, Geeks Worldwide reported a Venom 2 casting breakdown includes Holland as Spider-Man, but negotiations are still ongoing and a deal may not be reached. Further, GWW points out it’s unclear if Holland would portray his MCU Spider-Man or a different version of the wall-crawling superhero. Daniel Richtman also reported Holland being in talks to appear in Venom 2 on his Patreon, and stated it was part of the deal Sony and Marvel struck to keep Spider-Man in the MCU.

There were rumors Spider-Man would appear in 2018’s Venom, though no such appearance ever materialized, and reports claim Marvel Studios made Sony nix any such cameo. Eddie Brock/Venom actor Tom Hardy previously said he wants his character to fight Spider-Man. Holland, for his part, has also indicated he’d like to see Spider-Man and Venom interact on the big screen.

Although Spider-Man has not yet appeared in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, the studio currently has several films in the work based on those heroes and villains to whom it still holds the rights, including Morbius and several other projects at various stages of development. It’s not clear what Holland’s Spider-Man appearing in Venom 2 would mean for that movie and the MCU.

Directed by Andy Serkis and starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, Venom 2 is scheduled for release on Oct. 2, 2020.

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