Director Ruben Fleischer is reportedly not returning for Venom 2. Film scooping website Discussing Film has confirmed Sony has officially parted ways with the Zombieland helmer.

The report also suggests that production is currently scheduled to begin this November in Atlanta. Outside of 50 Shades and Venom writer Kelly Marcel returning to pen the script, little else has surfaced in terms of a plot for the follow-up.

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Although this isn’t confirmation Fleischer won’t return, there’s a good chance it’s accurate, especially if the production start date proves true. Should Venom 2 start production in November as reported, it’s safe to presume Fleischer would still be tied up in post-production on the Zombieland sequel.

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It remains to be seen who the studio will bring in to direct the film. However, an announcement shouldn’t be too far off, as pre-production generally begins six months out.

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Regardless of the critical response to the film, Venom was a box office darling for Sony. The movie ended up making a whopping $855 million worldwide ($213m domestically) against a reported $100 million budget. Suffice to say, that’s more than enough money to convince Sony to build a franchise around the character.Venom 2 is reportedly set for release on October 2nd, 2020. Venom is now available on homemedia release.

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