Woody Harrelson Carnage Boss Logic
Woody Harrelson Carnage Boss Logic

Tom Hardy shared a key Carnage location from the comics from the set of the upcoming sequel, Venom 2. 

Hardy has posted a new photo from the set which has revealed a crucial location and perhaps a tease of what to expect. In Hardy’s (now deleted) photo, which you can see in full below, we can see the crest for “St. Estes Orphans” which also reads “Home for Unwanted Children.” In the pages of Marvel comics, “St. Estes Home for Boys” is the orphanage where serial killer turned super villain Cletus Kasady grew up, and seemingly gained a taste for murder.

This location made its debut in Amazing Spider-Man #361 in 1992 and also served as the first place where Spider-Man and Carnage had their first battle. A condemned relic, the building is also partially burned thanks to an “accident” that killed the administrator of the orphanage, which is implied to have been caused by Kasady. Given this, it seems likely that the location could be where Hardy’s Venom and Woody Harrelson’s Carnage do battle in the film at least once (there’s no way that they’re not fighting multiple times throughout).

Cletus Kasady was teased in the mid-credits scene from the first film. The scene involves Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock visiting the character for an interview. Cletus promises that once he’s out of prison, “There’s gonna be carnage.”

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