Venom Tom Hardy Fusion
Venom Tom Hardy Fusion

Despite portraying the opposing forces of Venom and Carnage, Tom Hardy appears to be having a great time with co-star Woody Harrelson on the set of Venom 2.

In a photo shared to Instagram by photographer Greg Williams, Hardy and Harrelson are seen smiling on the streets of San Francisco during what appears to be a humorous conversation between the two actors. Early filming on Venom 2 began in Hertfordshire, England, then eventually moved to San Francisco, where much of the first film took place.

Harrelson’s Carnage was first introduced to Sony’s Marvel universe in 2018’s Venom, in which the character appears in a short mid-credits scene. The the details for Venom 2 have been heavily kept under wraps, though it seems likely will show a battle between Carnage and Venom.

In the comics, serial killer Cletus Kasady bonds with the Carnage symbiote while incarcerated in Ryker’s Island prison, where Eddie Brock was his cellmate. It remains unclear if Venom 2 will follow the same origin story for Carnage, though there have been hints that the film will explore the villain’s past. Venom 2 is even rumored to be introducing the Ravencroft Institute, an infamous location in the Spider-Man mythos where Carnage was held at one point in the comics. Negotiations are reportedly underway for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man to have a cameo appearance in Venom 2, though this has not been officially confirmed.

Directed by Andy Serkis and starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, Venom 2 is scheduled for release on Oct. 2, 2020.

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