Venom 2 Tom Hardy Andy Serkis
Venom 2 Tom Hardy Andy Serkis

Production on Sony Pictures’ upcoming sequel Venom 2 starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock may begin earlier than expected.

According to a new listing from Production Weekly, Venom 2 will begin production on November 25th under the working title “Fillmore.” That means we’re a little over two months away from Hardy’s return to his zany portrayal of Eddie Brock.

Tom Hardy’s Venom 2 is one of the newest films on Sony Pictures’ current slate of Marvel Comics films set within the canon of Spider-Man. Last month, it was announced that Sony and Marvel Studios were ending their deal, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would be exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe in favor of his own standalone films under Sony Pictures alone. With Tom Hardy preparing for Venom 2, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man interacting in the future.

The film will likely flesh out Woody Harrelson’s role as Cletus Kasady, who was briefly teased in the end of Venom. It’s likely that he’ll get his own Symbiote in Venom 2, finally becoming the fan-favorite Spider-Man villain Carnage.

Venom 2 is scheduled to premiere in theaters on October 2, 2020.

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