Venom star Tom Hardy releases a video showing how the final battle in the movie appeared before CGI. It has been almost two years since Venom released. Although its Rotten Tomatoes score is nothing to write home about, the movie ended up being very profitable for Sony.

Venom has always been a popular character, but he has seen something of a resurgence over the last few years. In the comics, Eddie Brock re-bonded with the symbiote for the first time in years. The current run by Donny Cates has been successful. In cartoons, the upcoming arc in Marvel’s Spider-Man is titled Maximum Venom. The 2018 film, while not a critical hit, brought Venom to the forefront for the general moviegoer. Many are highly anticipating the sequel, which looks to have Venom collide with Carnage for the first time on the big screen. No trailer has been released yet. One report said it could be coming soon, though that was about two weeks ago. In the first movie, Venom battled another symbiote: Riot. The human host was portrayed by award-winning actor Riz Ahmed opposite of Hardy. The battle naturally made extensive use of CGI. Now, fans can see what the fight looks like stripped of said CGI.

Over on Hardy‘s Instagram, the Venom star posted a video showing the fight between him and Ahmed’s Riot. However, the video shows the battle before the CGI symbiotes were added. If one did not know this was for Venom, one might assume it was just a rather odd dance dumber. Check out the video below.

Although humorous, the video does give an insightful look into how much choreography is required in a cinematic fight scene. It appears the two actors had to learn all the moves in the video, and be in complete sync so the final product could look good when the CGI was added.

With Sony still not releasing any type of marketing for Venom 2, fans have taken it upon themselves. One fan created a trailer making Riot appear as Carnage, and even managed to insert Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Another fan created a poster based on the cover from Venom: Carnage Unleashed #3. All of this serves as anticipation for the sequel. Surprisingly, Sony has not announced a delay for Venom 2, despite the company delaying Morbius seven months. It remains to be seen when Venom‘s sequel releases.

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