Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield addressed the rumored photo of him on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home, saying that it was photoshopped. Garfield has continued to deny his involvement in the upcoming Tom Holland led MCU Spider-Man film despite the fact that fans have largely acted as if its confirmed that both he and Tobey Maguire will be making an appearance. While no one involved has confirmed anything, what has been confirmed has only fueled the speculation further. Alfred Molina showed up in Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s first trailer, while appearances by Jamie Foxx’s Electro and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin were also hinted at.

The trailer also gave audiences the first look at what’s in store for Holland’s third adventure as Peter Parker. After his identity is exposed by JK Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson, Peter seeks out the help of Doctor Strange to make everyone forget his superhero identity. Of course, not everything goes as planned and the Sorcerer Supreme inadvertently toys with the multiverse, seemingly bringing back the aforementioned villains and making everything worse for everyone’s favorite superhero. Whether or not he will get backup from his fellow Spider-Men remains a mystery, but after Garfield’s recent denial surrounding his appearance, photos surfaced online of what appeared to be Garfield on the No Way Home set.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Garfield was asked by the host whether or not he had seen the picture. Although he denied seeing the picture at first, the actor eventually relented, admitting he had seen the photos. “I heard about it,” Garfield admitted, “And I did see it. And it’s a photoshop.” When the audience reacted with groans of disappointment, the actor said, “I’m trying to manage expectations.”

At this point, it seems like it would almost be easier for Sony or Marvel to confirm whether or not Garfield is appearing so he could stop facing the same question over and over again. While there’s a chance he may not be in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it seems like almost a guarantee that he and Maguire will be making some sort of cameo at the very least. Alas, the studios are likely saving this reveal for the next trailer or even the movie itself, but as Garfield points out, expectations are sky high for the film and if he truly isn’t in it, then there is bound to be massive disappointment.

Hype for Spider-Man: No Way Home has grown to unimaginable levels in recent months. It’s arguably the most anticipated MCU film since Avengers: Endgame and the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home even broke records that film previously held. Still, Garfield is likely to keep holding the company line for now, but with only three months to go until the movie’s release, answers are coming soon and the actor will likely be relieved that he has to stop answering these questions.