A teaser trailer for The Walking Dead’s first movie promises Andrew Lincoln’s return as Rick Grimes will only be available in theaters.

A teaser for the first-ever Walking Dead movie has now been unveiled, alongside the announcement that the film will actually be a theatrical release.

The trailer is short on details of what The Walking Dead movie will look like, but the helicopter will be a familiar sight for fans of the show and Rick Grimes. After being near death, Rick was rescued by Jadis and her community’s helicopter. This unspecified city skyline is likely their destination, with the three-ring symbol of the group that is interested in either “A” or “B” people.

Despite Lincoln departing AMC’s The Walking Dead during Season 9, the network assured his character’s story would continue, revealing that a trilogy of big-budget Walking Dead TV movies starring Rick Grimes was in the works.

The untitled Walking Dead film does not currently have a release date.

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