Homelander Lasers The Avengers
Homelander Lasers The Avengers

Homelander and the Avengers go head-to-head in a new fan video. Homelander is quite possibly the most powerful superhero, or supervillain depending on the perspective, in Amazon’s The Boys. The Boys has surged in popularity this year with season 2 helping the series become even more popular than it was in 2019. This season saw Homelander, leader of The Seven, go even further off the rails, fully embodying the sociopathic supervillain he was destined to become since the show’s premiere.

The iteration of the Avengers fans have come to know and love came to an end with 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, but the original team will never be forgotten. Their power together was unmatched, and they were able to take on their biggest threat yet. Thanos came to destroy half of all life in the universe, and, while he succeeded, the Avengers were able to undo his work and ultimately subdue the villain. While the current version of The Avengers has disbanded, Marvel is primed to set up their next roster of heroes with Phase 4.

In a new video brilliantly spliced together by Youtuber Gugga Leunnam, Homelander and the Avengers face-off, with Homelander eventually massacring the group. Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, Iron Man, and Black Widow are all there when Homelander enters the home where he was hiding his son in the season 2 finale. Iron Man gives an awkward wave before Homelander uses his eye beams to kill the superheroes. When he leaves the home covered in blood, he meets none other than Thanos himself. Check out the video below:

The Avengers are sort of the antithesis of Homelander’s rampant sociopathy. Captain America himself was partly the inspiration behind Homelander. The violent interaction between Homelander and the group leans heavily into The Boys‘ dark humor and gory violence. The Marvel films are known for their family-friendly nature, and while they aren’t strangers to superhero vs. supervillain violence, it is very toned down compared to The Boys’ own fight scenes. The marriage of the two is exciting for fans of both who crave a little more realism with their superheroes, more akin to Deadpool and Logan than the lighthearted Marvel films.

While it is yet to be seen just what direction Marvel will take the Avengers in next, the studio will be rolling out the beginnings of Phase 4 in 2021 with Black Widow. The Boys is also set to return after its game-changer of a finale. New episodes are set to premiere sometime in 2021, with filming for the new season beginning early that year. While fans of both the Avengers and The Boys may never truly get to see the two worlds meet, the video is close enough. The ending hints at a sequel to the fan edit, with Homelander and Thanos meeting ominously in the woods, so it’s quite possible the talented YouTuber could cook up another crossover video.

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