Masters Of The Universe Beast Man
Masters Of The Universe Beast Man

Fan art imagines what villainous Beast Man might look like in a live-action Masters of the Universe movie. As of last report, Sony’s on-again/off-again Masters of the Universe reboot appeared to be off again, with the studio pulling the movie from its release schedule and handing its former date to the Uncharted movie.

Before Sony elected to slow things down on Masters of the Universe yet again, the studio had actually appeared to be making progress in getting the film going, hiring a pair of directors in Aaron and Adam Nee, a duo of writers in Art Marcum and Matt Holloway and an actor to play lead character He-Man in Noah Centineo (who immediately began getting buff for the role). Now, with coronavirus making everything difficult for everyone in Hollywood, it’s impossible to guess when or even if Masters of the Universe will ever get rolling again. Fans of the ‘80s sword-and-sorcery toy line and cartoon series do at least have some new non-live-action content to look forward to, with Netflix getting set to roll out Masters of the Universe: Revelations, an anime-style sequel show from director and showrunner Kevin Smith.

As devotees of He-Man, Skeletor and the rest of the gang from the planet Eternia wait for news as to the fate of Sony’s live-action adaptation, digital artist georgeevangelista has given them something else to ponder by posting his own rendering of what the character of Beast Man might look like in any live-action incarnation. See the image in the space below:

The right-hand-man of Skeletor, Beast Man indeed lives up to his name by looking very beastly and controlling wild animals. A central villain on the animated show, Beast Man also made his way to the infamous 1987 Cannon Films adaptation, with Tony Carroll playing the character as a literal growling beast. The movie’s character design by noted artist Moebius largely retained the hairy beast look of Beast Man from the cartoon show, but did give him Samurai-like armor in place of his normal costume. The rendering of the character above goes back closer to the cartoon show’s design, but makes Beast Man bigger and badder, with sword-and-sorcery style costuming along with his half-man/half-beast appearance.

If Masters of the Universe does in fact ever make it to the big screen (or even the small screen) in live-action form, the producers could do a lot worse than make a Beast Man who resembles the art featured above. As of now however, it appears Sony has put the project on the back burner, and it might be a long time before things ever get going again. It would definitely be sad if the 1987 Masters of the Universe, one of the most disappointing bombs in history, ended up being the entire live-action film legacy for the beloved ‘80s media franchise.

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