The Batman Teen Titans Go
The Batman Teen Titans Go

Artwork imagines what Robert Pattinson’s Batman could look like on Teen Titans Go!. The Batman has been top of mind for DC and superhero fans over the last week with new images and info regarding the upcoming film, newly becoming available. Teen Titans Go! is a WB animated program, first premiering in April 2013, and is one of the longest running original series currently still in production on Cartoon Network. It’s a comedic spinoff from the Teen Titans series which aired on Cartoon Network from 2003 – 2006, which in turn was based off the DC heroes first introduced in The Brave and Bold in 1964, before ultimately taking on the name Teen Titans.

This past weekend at the DC FanDome event, fans got to see the first trailer for The Batman, from director Matt Reeves. It’s debut showed Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse) in action for the first time as Batman/ Bruce Wayne, to which much of the response has been favorable. With many fans having been skeptical over what the former Twilight star would bring to the role, they now appear to be embracing him, already displaying artistic impressions of the new Bat.

On Twitter, Dan Hipp, comic artist, animator, and Art Director for Teen Titans Go! posted his rendition of what this new Batman would look like were he featured on the animated show. The image has him swooping down ominously, as Batman tends to do, with the trademark Batman scowl stricken across his simplified, cute, Teen Titans Go! styled face. And he’s draped in the black with red finish color motif of the official logo from The Batman film, first made public last week. Check it out below.

The Batman film is still incomplete, with production having ceased temporarily earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, filming is set to resume in September, keeping it on track for release in October 2021. Till then, every further bit of information regarding this highly anticipated new addition to the franchise offers more cues and insight as to what the Pattinson Bat will be all about. It will be interesting to see not only how he differs from the previous big screen portrayals of the Caped Crusader, but how and what he adds to the Batman mythos as a whole, across the DCEU (DC Extended Universe).

The wildly successful Teen Titans Go! is comedic in tone with the character design as much as the writing. Batman, being the teacher and mentor for Robin, the leader of the Titans, is actually featured quite a bit on the show. Merging the absurdly hilarious with the action-packed, it’s always managed to effectively translate the menacing image of the Dark Knight through the series’s lighthearted lens. Teen Titans Go! often skewers convention, lampoons pop culture, and breaks the fourth wall, like with the classic season 4 episode “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems”. There, Robin not only gives the Titans a tour of the Batcave and Wayne Manor, but actually references by name Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney – the actors who have donned the cape and cowl. It’s only a matter of time till Teen Titans Go! offers their own official, loving commentary over Pattinson’s The Batman.

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