Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what they gonna do? Come for you! Will Smith has shared the first official look at Bad Boys 3 – officially titled Bad Boys for Life. Smith and Martin Lawrence team up once again as narcotics officers in Miami for the first time since 2003’s Bad Boys II.

Will Smith shared the image on his Instagram account, using the platform’s Boomerang feature to turn it into a gif with some background music. Smith is holding a handgun, and he captioned the photo with the text: “FIRST LOOK! Theeeeey’re BAAAAaaaack! 🙂 @badboys.” We see Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett standing next to his old partner Mike Lowrey, once again played by Smith. They’re simply standing in a living room, but just seeing them together again is exciting enough. To add to the hype, the image is set to the tune of P. Diddy’s Bad Boy for Life, which is the title of the movie. Check out the photo/gif below:

Bad Boys for Life will reportedly follow Miami PD’s elite AMMO team on its mission to bring down a drug cartel led by a villain named Armando Armas (played by Jacob Scipio). Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey life is threatened by Armas, along with dealing with the fact that his former girlfriend Rita (Paola Nuñez) is head of his unit.

Joe Pantoliano is rejoining the cast as Captain Howard, along with Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Happy Anderson, DJ Khaled and Charles Melton attached to join the supporting cast.

While it’s no doubt exciting for fans of the Bad Boys franchise to revisit these characters again, it’ll be interesting to see how audiences will respond to Mike and Marcus’ relationship so long after the first film was released back in 1995.

Bad Boys for Life is currently set to hit theaters on January 17, 2020.

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