The New Mutants is the final film in the X-Men franchise. The film, produced at the Fox studio before its acquisition by Disney, has had its release date pushed back indefinitely.

It’s already been a turbulent ride. The New Mutants was slated to hit theaters in 2017. Then, it was delayed until 2018 in order to undergo extensive reshoots. Then it was delayed again and again. And again. Fans aren’t the only ones frustrated, as even the film’s stars have publically vented.

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A couple weeks ago, Disney included The New Mutants on its slate of planned 2019 releases. Obviously, there’s nothing from keeping the entertainment giant from reversing course. The whole thing is giving everybody involved a massive headache, and they’d prefer to just not think about it right now. It’s been speculated that the flick might bypass a theatrical release and head straight for a streaming platform such as Disney+.

Dark Phoenix, which will wrap up the saga of the main X-Men team, endured similar production troubles and release delays (not to mention disastrous test screenings), but it finally hits theaters this June.

So, what the heck is really going on with The New Mutants? It seems nobody is really sure. It’s apparently anybody’s guess when exactly that point will be, but the film may very well end up in theaters yet.

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Source: Looper

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