Young Darkseid
Young Darkseid

Zack Snyder reveals a new scene from the Snyder Cut of Justice League with Darkseid appearing in the history lesson.

While the iconic villain didn’t appear in 2017’s Justice League, Snyder took to social media platform Vero and celebrated Father’s Day by giving fans a black-and-white glimpse of what his Darkseid could’ve looked like.

In the post, Snyder refers to Darkseid by his birth name, Uxas, and reveals that the villain is using the Anti-Life Equation, an ultimate weapon that spreads hopelessness, despair and destruction, in the image.

There is a history lesson scene in the theatrical cut of Justice League, but it is clearly far different than the one Snyder shot and depicts here. In his cut of the film, Wonder Woman was going to discover a mural that would trigger the flashback sequence. This history lesson included a previous invasion of Earth led by a young Darkseid that would’ve had him fight Ares and many others. At this time, though, Darkseid was simply Uxas and had yet to achieve godhood.

While Justice League ultimately earned disappointing box office totals and was met with mixed critical reviews, Snyder’s aborted sequel to the film, Justice League 2, was originally supposed to be released last week on Fri, June 14, 2019. By all accounts, Darkseid would’ve played a major role in that movie after being first introduced in Justice League.

Source: CBR

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