Zack Snyder Justice League Poster
Zack Snyder Justice League Poster

Zack Snyder shares the first poster for his cut of Justice League. After years of campaigning, DC fans have finally gotten their prize: The Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021. Ever since fans learned how much of Snyder’s version of Justice League was changed in reshoots under director Joss Whedon, they’ve worked to release the Snyder Cut through social media hashtags, fundraising campaigns, and even billboards in Times Square. The Snyder Cut has even received the support from those who worked on the film, including its stars like Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa. All that hard work has finally paid off.

The release of the Snyder Cut also comes as a major creative win for the director himself, who had to step away from Justice League‘s production after a family tragedy. Over the years, Snyder has been open about his vision for the DC film by revealing his story ideas and posting pictures from production on social media. Snyder shared his gratitude for the fans who fought for his cut just last month, though at the time it still seemed like a faraway dream. Now, fans know Snyder likely knew about the changing tides over at Warner Bros. and might have been preparing for today’s announcement.

The news came at the end of Snyder’s live commentary for Man of Steel, and not long after, Snyder hopped on social media to share a new poster for Justice League. Boasting both the official title (Zack Snyder’s Justice League), the HBO Max logo, and its 2021 release date, Snyder made sure to promise fans, “This is real.” You can see it for yourself in the space below.

Exactly when in 2021 the Snyder Cut will premiere is unclear, mainly because additional production has to take place first. This additional work is expected to cost $20 million and might see the return of Justice League‘s original stars. Also, it’s unclear now if the Snyder Cut will be shown as a six-part miniseries, or a 4-hour movie. Regardless of the details, it’s safe to say fans are very, very excited about what’s to come.

The fight for the release of the Snyder Cut has been a long and hard one, and DC fans should absolutely be proud of the work they’ve done. This is an impressive achievement, one that once seemed impossible. While the actual release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League is still a ways off (and, depending on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, could get pushed back even further), the fact that it’s happening at all is a really big deal. Going forward, watch this space for more updates on the new Justice League.

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