65 Trailer
65 Trailer

The first look at Adam Driver’s new sci-fi film has arrived as Sony releases the first 65 movie trailer. Following his stint with Star Wars playing Kylo Ren, Adam Driver returns to the sci-fi movie genre in 2023. 65 stars Driver as an astronaut who becomes stranded on Earth 65 million years ago. The original sci-fi film is written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the duo who wrote A Quiet Place. Sam Raimi also produced the movie, which was put into development by Sony in 2020 ahead of a planned 2022 release date.

After Sony elected to delay the highly anticipated sci-fi film to 2023, the studio has now finally released the first 65 movie trailer, providing the first look at Adam Driver’s new potential franchise. The trailer shows Adam Driver’s astronaut character crash land on an unknown planet with at least one other survivor, but they soon discover that they are on a prehistoric Earth filled with dinosaurs trying to kill them. Check out the 65 movie trailer below:

Everything We Know About Adam Driver’s 65 Movie

Thanks to the first 65 movie trailer, many more details about Adam Driver’s new sci-fi movie have now been revealed. It appears that the movie incorporates time travel somehow to explain how a futuristic astronaut leading an expedition mission crash lands on Earth 65 million years ago. The trailer also confirms that Arianna Greenblatt plays one of the other passengers on his spaceship. It was previously announced that Marry Me star Chloe Coleman also has a role in 65, but it is not known what role she plays based on the trailer.

The big reveal from the 65 movie trailer is that Adam Driver’s nemesis in the sci-fi film is dinosaurs. While he believes they are aliens at first, he soon comes to discover that the monsters hunting him and Greenblatt’s character down are prehistoric animals. The 65 movie trailer only provides a few glimpses of the dinosaurs featured in the movie, which is likely a sign of how big of a role they will have in the movie. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods know from A Quiet Place that using the monsters sparingly can help increase the tension (and save on the budget), so they could be using the same technique for 65.

Now that the 65 movie trailer has arrived, anticipation should start to grow for the movie ahead of its March 10, 2023, release date. Adam Driver remains one of the best actors working in Hollywood today, so seeing him tackle an original sci-fi movie where he fights dinosaurs is certainly enticing. If 65 movie becomes another A Quiet Place-level hit for Beck and Woods, they could be responsible for launching another new franchise in Hollywood too.