Joe Manganiello in Archenemy
Joe Manganiello in Archenemy

What if the world’s greatest hero walked among us — but no one believed his tales of wonder? The new trailer for December’s Archenemy introduces Max Fist… a man who just might be a superhero from another dimension. Possibly.

The movie stars Joe Manganiello as Fist, a man who tells people that he’s actually a hero from another dimension who fell through time and space to our world, where he conveniently happens to be powerless. Unsurprisingly, almost no-one believes him, with the exception of Hamster (Skylan Brooks), a teenager who wants to help Fist continue to be a hero… no matter what.

Archenemy is written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer (Daniel Isn’t Real, Some Kind of Hate). Zolee Griggs, Amy Seimetz, and Glenn Howerton also star. The movie will debut in theaters and on demand Dec. 11.

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