The first teaser trailer for Frozen II was released earlier today! The 2-minute clip opens with Elsa on a deserted stony beach staring directly at a threatening sea. She attempts to charge into the water several times using her icey powers – but the waves steadily overpower her.

As of right now, It’s unclear why Elsa is trying to get across the ocean… but the trailer starts to throw some heavy hints. Maybe things aren’t as sweet as the prior film’s ending made us believe. The new Frozen 2 trailer shows scenes of Elsa’s sister Anna looking distressed, Kristoff and a herd of reindeer frantically charging towards something, and Elsa with her beloved snowman Olaf engulfed in bright pink flames.

The film is a follow-up to one of Disney’s highest grossing projects within the last decade. The film grossed $1.219 billion at the box office alone and doesn’t include the merchandise sales, music downloads, and Blu-Ray release.

The film captured audiences with its heartwarming story and catchy soundtrack. Frozen II is set to open in US theaters on November 22.

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