Superman in Injustice animated movie.
Superman in Injustice animated movie.

The Joker embarks on a swath of destruction that transforms Superman’s world in the first trailer for the Injustice animated movie.

The Injustice trailer begins with Joker and Harley Quinn getting the jump on Lois Lane, with Harley Quinn knocking Lois Lane unconscious with her oversized mallet. From there, Batman sends out a priority call to all Justice League members that one of theirs is missing. We then get a dramatic scene where a bomb goes off in Metropolis, demolishing the entire city as the Justice League watches on.

Green Lantern is able to put up a force field that protects himself, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker and Harley Quinn. However, Metropolis is in ruins, along with Superman’s entire world. “You took his wife… you took his unborn child, and his city,” Batman tells the Joker as viewers witness Superman holding the lifeless body of Lois Lane. “All these years Batsy, and you really need reasons from me,” Joker retorts from jail. We then see Superman telling the United Nations that what happened to Metropolis can never be allowed to occur again.

Batman and Superman also get into a verbal debate over the Man of Steel’s new tactics, as he unleashes his heat vision and flies through a pair of fighter jets. The trailer ends with Superman busting into Joker’s interrogation room, presumably to seek vengeance for Lois’ murder.

Injustice the animated movie is based on the award-winning video games and DC graphic novels of the same name. The film goes on sale Oct. 19 on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray and digital.