When Netflix said that David Fincher and Tim Miller’s Love, Death and Robots was an animated series for mature audiences, it wasn’t kidding around.

Netflix said Thursday that its way adult-skewed animated anthology series Love Death and Robots from Tim Miller and David Fincher will premiere on the streaming service March 15. It also dropped a trailer that offers the first real look at the series, which consists of 18 animated short stories.

The full roster of stories will cover a variety of adult topics including racism, government, war, free will, and human nature. The anthology collection spans the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy genres and each short has a unique animation style: from traditional 2D to photo-real 3D CGI.

Going by the above trailer, it looks like Love, Death and Robots is set to deliver a wild experience when it hits Netflix in March. The trailer features only brief snippets of the individual stories, so it will be interesting to find out the titles and synopses of each episode of the anthology series, to see what exactly Fincher and Miller have in store for their fellow sci-fi and animation fanatics.