Avengers Endgame Lego Trailer
Avengers Endgame Lego Trailer

Avengers: Endgame gets a beautiful trailer in the signature LEGO style, thanks to a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan. Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the Infinity Saga, closing the MCU’s most popular chapter in grand style. While the 2019 film did present a fitting ending to that iteration of the Avengers, the team will not stop there, with two upcoming Avengers movies — The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars — set to premiere in 2025 and 2026. Before those arrive, a Marvel fan has decided to honor Avengers: Endgame.

On Reddit, u/Doctorcinus shared their recreation of Avengers: Endgame’s first trailer in LEGO style.

Avengers: Endgame‘s ending saw half of the original members of the superhero team bow out of the MCU. While the other half could be part of the new Avengers roster that will soon debut, it will be hard to recapture the magic of the first version of the team. The Avengers: Endgame LEGO fan trailer perfectly captures the emotion of the original movie with an endearing style.

Could Marvel LEGO Movies Actually Happen?

was greenlit after the original’s success; however, it would later be canceled. After a couple of box office failures for LEGO movies produced by Warner Bros., the studio decided not to renew the film rights to the LEGO franchise.

After Warner opted not to renew its deal with The LEGO Group, Universal Pictures swooped in and closed a five-year deal to produce LEGO-based films. While a Marvel Studios-produced LEGO movie would certainly be an enticing possibility, as the rights currently stand, Universal is the one who gets to choose what characters will be part of the next few LEGO movies up to 2025. Universal also owns the distribution rights to Marvel’s Hulk movies, which has led to no solo films for the character being produced. This way, a LEGO Marvel movie like the Avengers: Endgame fan trailer is out of the cards for the foreseeable future.