Rick and Morty live action
Rick and Morty live action

Adult Swim debuted another live-action Rick and Morty clip featuring a nod to Pickle Rick and the return of Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell. From creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the animated series centers on Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic scientist who brings his grandson, Morty, with him on all kinds of crazy adventures while living with his daughter, Morty’s mom. Roiland lends his voice talents to the titular characters, while Sarah Chalke voices Rick’s daughter alongside Chris Parnell as Jerry, Morty’s father, and Spencer Grammer as daughter Summer.

Thanks to Rick and Morty‘s blend of irreverent humor and multiverse traversing shenanigans, the series has become a smash hit – fans can be seen wearing merch emblazoned with all kinds of images from the series. The success, which also led to two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Series, saw Adult Swim renew the series with a 70-episode order and the first batch of those, Rick and Morty season 5, debuted earlier this summer. The season 5 finale airs tonight and, leading up to it, Adult Swim has released a live-action Rick and Morty promo starring Llody and Martell.

Now, Adult Swim has released another live-action clip ahead of the season finale. Martell and Lloyd are back in the roles of Morty and Rick and the clip itself even nods to Pickle Rick. When Morty asks if Rick “learned anything from last time” while looking at a pickle lying on a desk, Rick approaches his grandson and picks up the pickle, taking a huge bite out of it. Rick then proceeds to spit out his bite of the pickle and proclaim, “Are you kidding? Never!” Check out the video below:

The latest live-action video continues to make a good case for Lloyd as a live-action version of Morty. The actor, best known for his role as Doc in Back to the Future, perfectly encapsulates Rick’s personality in the very brief live-action clips. As Rick and Morty has continued to grow in popularity, audiences have not stopped calling for a live-action adaptation of the source material. Still, it’s unclear whether or not these clips are hinting at a larger appearance for Lloyd and Martell or if they are merely fun gags to promote the final episodes the season 5.

Still, it’s interesting that Adult Swim captioned the video with C-1.21. The first live-action Rick and Morty clip was labelled C-132, presumably indicating that Lloyd and Martell’s versions of the characters are from a different universe than the one the series focuses on – C-137. Even if these clips don’t lead to a full-blown live-action adaptation of the beloved series, at least fans got a taste of what it could be like. If the reception to Lloyd as Rick is any idication, though, it’s quite possible Adult Swim could take note and audiences could see a live-action Rick and Morty episode down the line.