Ron Burgundy is back! Well, sorta. Will Ferrell is reviving the iconic Anchorman character, not for Anchorman 3, but for two 12-episode seasons of a podcast called, appropriately enough, The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

The podcast hails from iHeartMedia and Funny or Die, and the first trailer offers a look at Ferrell back in costume, offering his very specific reflections on everything from climate change to epileptic chickens. A few choice quotes include:

“What is the deal with the Philly Phanatic? That guy’s a weirdo, right?”

“Let’s talk about Pete Rose. Do you ever run into that guy? Because he owes me money.”

“What do you do about the haters?”

“Do chickens have epilepsy?”

All in all, this is a swell way to keep Ron Burgundy alive without potentially soiling the legacy with another movie. This project seems like so many of the things that Ferrell takes on: walking a fine line between playing in a particular sub-culture, and mocking it. The podcast will play into the characters… antiquated views, while he still thinks of himself as a hard-hitting journalist ready to tackle a new audience with a podcast. Even if he isn’t quite sure what a podcast is. Any who, it’s Will Ferrell running wild with one of his most beloved characters.The Ron Burgundy Podcast will premiere on February 7 on the iHeartPodcast Network, with new episodes dropping every Thursday.

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