Gather around with all of your chums, because the trailer for The Tick‘s second season has officially arrived!

Amazon officially released the new trailer along with a new poster and a selfie showing off the expanded cast of season 2. And as far as trailers go, this one presents yet another new vision of the show, one that illustrates the degree to which The Tick continues to fine tune its presentation, particularly when it comes to the quality of costumes, the special effects, and the comedy. The result looks like an all-around improvement over an ambitious but flawed first season.

Like any good adaptation of Ben Edlund’s famous creation, the Season 2 trailer perfectly captures the goofiness and action of the world of The Tick and Arthur, while also showing what’s to come for the titular duo in their new adventures.

Returning April 5 on Amazon Prime, The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular character, Griffin Newman as Arthur Everest, Yara Martinez as Miss Lint, Scott Speiser as Overkill, Brendan Hines as Superian and Valorie Curry as Dot Everest.

(Captain Marvel Trailer Spoof – TOON SANDWICH)