Fast X Trailer
Fast X Trailer

The first Fast X trailer has finally been released, offering an initial glimpse at Louis LeTerrier’s upcoming contribution to the Fast Saga. Following Fast & Furious 9, the franchise’s main storyline is down to its two final installments. Fast X will kick off the franchise’s culmination followed by Fast and Furious 11, which functions as its official swan song. Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his family will continue their ongoing match-up with Charlize Theron’s Cipher, while Jason Momoa serves as Fast X‘s secondary villain.

As promised, Universal Pictures releases the first Fast Xs trailer. Watch it below:

Clocking in at 3:42 minutes, the Fast X trailer is packed with footage that mainly focuses on Jason Momoa’s villain, Dante. The clip establishes his motivations, which are rooted in revenge for Dom’s part in his personal sufferings. Since they have a shared history, the upcoming films incorporate footage from previous films, with snippets of Paul Walker’s Bryan being the standout.

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The focus of the newly-released Fast X trailer is on introducing Dante and laying out the groundwork for his match-up with Dominic and the rest of the Fast family. In theme with the Fast Saga’s core message, the movie’s story will be all about family, with Rita Moreno’s Toretto grandmother making her debut at the start of the clip. There’s also the return of John Cena’s Jakob, Dom’s brother, who functioned as F9‘s villain, although it’s unsure how he fits into Dante and Dom’s rivalry.

Other big takeaways from the Fast X trailer include Brie Larson’s debut as Tess. She appears to be an ally of Dom, cautioning him about Dante’s revenge attempts. However, with very little known about the character, it’s still possible that she ultimately switches sides — something that has been teased about regarding the movie. Finally, the reunion of Han Lue and Deckard Shaw will be very interesting as well, especially since they seem to have already buried the hatchet.

All in all, the first Fast X trailer effectively kicks off the marketing campaign for the movie. Considering the popularity of the Fast Saga, the movie is already expected to make big box office numbers. Despite that, it still doesn’t hurt to have a well-crafted and effective promotional effort and that’s exactly what this new trailer did.