Insidious 5 The Red Door Trailer
Insidious 5 The Red Door Trailer

The terrors of The Further are back in haunting fashion in the first Insidious: The Red Door trailer. The latest installment in the horror franchise, originally created by Saw‘s Leigh Whannell, sees the return of stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins as the Lamberts, the family previously haunted by the demonic entities of the alternate dimension known as The Further. Wilson is also stepping up to the helm to make his directorial debut with a script from Halloween Kills‘ Scott Teems, itself based on a story from Whannell.

Having previously wrapped filming in August, Sony has revealed the first Insidious: The Red Door trailer.

The video offers a terrifying look at the next chapter in the beloved horror franchise, following Wilson’s Josh and Simpkins’ Dalton on a road trip to college, only for it to be disrupted by the literal demons of their pasts. The father and son will face off against both new and familiar entities as they grapple with the forgotten memories from a decade ago.

Everything Revealed In The Insidious: The Red Door Trailer

For those who have followed the horror franchise since its launch over a decade ago, the Insidious: The Red Door trailer proves to be a haunting walk down memory lane with its recap of the ending of 2013’s Chapter 2, in which both Wilson’s Josh and Simpkins’ Dalton have their memories surpressed to forget The Further. With the subsequent prequels focusing on Elise, the trailer reveals the real consequences stemming from this form of hypnotism, with Josh living with gradual memory loss while Dalton incidentally unlocks his memory through his art work.

One of the more exciting reveals from the Insidious: The Red Door trailer for longtime fans of the franchise is the confirmed return of Lin Shaye’s Elise, who appeared as a supporting player in the first two films before becoming the lead in the latter two. Given the story picks up years after her death in the first film, the trailer indicates her appearance will be kept to a video she recorded prior warning both Dalton and Josh about the dangers of The Further, much like Jamie Kennedy’s pseudo return as Randy in Scream 3.

However, considering Elise made a surprise return as a spirit in the first sequel, it seems just as possible for Insidious: The Red Door to feature an appearance from the fan-favorite medium in The Further at some point. Even if she doesn’t, the trailer for the film does promise a proper return of the iconic Lipstick Face Demon that has haunted audiences since the first Insidious‘ iconic jump scare, and the now-infamous Tiny Tim cover of “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”, all of which marks a promising debut outing for Wilson in the director’s chair.