The Last Of Us trailer
The Last Of Us trailer

The first trailer for HBO’s live-action adaptation of The Last of Us has arrived, revealing Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie in action.

The new series will bring the acclaimed video game The Last of Us into the realm of live action for the first time, with The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal taking the lead. The series, which sees Pascal’s Joel traveling across post-apocalyptic America with Ramsey’s Ellie, is set to arrive next year.

The trailer gives fans their first flavor of Joel’s and Ellie’s struggles to survive in a broken worl, where the threat of the infected looms large.

Joel & Ellie Hit The Road

The first trailer for The Last of Us introduces Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bellay Ramsey’s Ellie to audiences and sets up the threats they are set to face over the course of the series.

The series is set to cover the events of the first The Last of Us game, while it is possible future seasons will explore the second game’s events. In addition to Pascal and Ramsey, the series features Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman as another human survivor named Bill.

Check out the first trailer for The Last of Us below:

The trailer comes following a first brief look at the series in a general HBO teaser released last month. The first trailer for the series reveals a whole lot more, including some explosive action sequences and a first look at the infected, to get The Last of Us fans excited for the game’s live-action adaptation.

The original video game centers on the relationship between a smuggler named Joel and 14-year-old Ellie, the latter of whom may be the key to curing the deadly pandemic that resulted in the post-apocalypse world of the game. Hired to smuggle Ellie out of a quarantine zone, Joel finds himself relying on the teenage girl just as much as she relies on him as they fight to survive on their journey across the United States. The HBO adaptation will cover the events of the first game, with the second game potentially surviving as the basis for additional content. The upcoming series is said to be one of the most expensive ever made, with each episode said to cost roughly $10M with a total budget of around $200M.

HBO’s The Last Of Us will be released in 2023.