Get ready to meet your friend till the end, Buddi. Opening in theaters everywhere in a little over four months, the upcoming Child’s Play reboot has released a new promo teasing the debut of the horror movie’s first trailer.

As you can see in the video above, this “viral” video features the “Kaslan Corporation” and its CEO Henry Kaslan, who uses this “promotional video” as a way of teasing the company’s newest product line, the Buddi Doll. According to Kaslan, the new version of Buddi doll:

“We set out to develop the greatest and most interactive toy on the market, but in doing so, we created something far more special. Every child is important to us, and every child deserves a companion – a friend, who will never let you down. It’s my great honor to introduce you to our most innovative product to date: Buddi. He’s more than a toy: he’s your best friend.”

Fans will be eager to see how the new look Child’s Play will reinvent Chucky, but the reboot has proven slightly controversial. Franchise creator Mancini has spoken out against the remake. A Child’s Play TV series recently landed at SyFy which will carry on from the events of Cult Of Chucky, and Mancini fears the reboot will harm the brand. Chucky’s original voice actor Brad Dourif won’t reprise his role for the film as well.

In any case, the special announcement promises a global launch on Friday, February 8. It’s unclear exactly what that means as Child’s Play isn’t set to hit theaters until June 21, 2019. If one had to guess, Friday will likely bring about a more official trailer or, at the very least, more details regarding Buddi.

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