Kraven the Hunter Trailer
Kraven the Hunter Trailer

Kraven the Hunter’s Red Band trailer drops online, along with the first poster featuring Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s villain.

Kraven the Hunter’s first trailer reveals a first look at the R-rated flick, with Taylor-Johnson brutally dispatching his enemies. The poster depicts the first official look at Taylor-Johnson in Kraven’s iconic costume, complete with fur collar over no shirt. The brooding Kraven sits on a throne seemingly made of antlers and skulls, the latter notably largely human. It’s occupied by the oft-used tagline “Villains Aren’t Born. They’re Made.”

Kraven the Hunter’s R-Rating and Dark Tone

In April 2023, Taylor-Johnson confirmed that Kraven the Hunter would be R-rated. The actor confirmed Kraven the Hunter’s R-rating while joining Sony at CinemaCon 2023 to premiere a first look at the Red Band trailer. Along with a look at Kraven battling mercenaries and biting the nose off a foe, reports from the event revealed that the trailer confirmed another Spider-Man foe’s inclusion with Rhino. The trailer shows his appearance briefly at the end, with a shot of a rough, grey-mottled arm.

Russell Crowe, who plays Kraven’s father, Nikolai Kravinoff, in the film, also spoke to CBR about the film’s tone, calling it much darker than most fans likely expect from a comic book movie. “I’ve talked to J.C. Chandor, the director, he’s really excited about what he’s got in front of him… Really excited about the way people will receive it,” Crowe said. “I think I can sort of pass on… One of the things he said, that it’s, it’s just an unexpectedly dark world.”

Kraven the Hunter hits theaters in October 2023.