The Walking Dead: Dead City Trailer Teaser
The Walking Dead: Dead City Trailer Teaser

The Walking Dead: Dead City dropped a new teaser trailer revealing how Maggie and Negan reunite for their latest post-apocalypse quest.

The brief video begins with Maggie (Lauren Cohan) driving an armored truck, seemingly in pursuit of her enemy turned ally before Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tries to get the jump on her with a tire iron. Held at knifepoint, she ultimately convinces him to join her in an expedition to New York City, where she plans on rescuing her son who has been kidnapped by a mysterious group. The trailer confirms that Maggie isn’t the only person looking for Negan, as an unknown character is seen holding a wanted poster with his face sketched crudely across it. How this plays into the narrative has yet to be revealed.

Set after the events of the flagship series The Walking Dead, Maggie and Negan’s spinoff show will largely focus on the pair as they try to survive in the titular Dead City. Beyond their already fraught dynamic, they’ll also need to contend with the expected hordes of Walkers prowling the city as well as the groups that have staked their claim on the undead Manhattan.

Negan and Maggie’s Tense History

While many fans are excited to see Maggie and Negan return, their partnership won’t be filled with pleasantries. The latter is responsible for slaughtering the former’s husband Glenn, a crime that hasn’t been forgotten. “It’s interesting because we see a very unprocessed level of trauma that we know happened between Maggie and Negan,” Cohan said. “In Dead City, we really get a chance to [ask], ‘What is this? What does it take to move through it?'”

As for the obstacles standing in the team’s way, The Walking Dead: Dead City is touting its Walkers as being some of the best in the entire franchise. “It is one of the most awesome, disgusting, terrifying walkers that I’ve seen in the history of the show,” said showrunner Eli Jorne. “There are a number of horrific walkers, but there is a mind-bendingly horrific walker coming up that I wasn’t on set for, and I’m glad I wasn’t.”

Fans of The Walking Dead won’t have to wait long to finally explore the decaying ruins of Dead City. The spinoff series is set to premiere on June 18 on both AMC and AMC+.