One of the biggest original titles coming to Netflix next month is The Umbrella Academy. The first full trailer for the superhero show has landed. Based on the 2007 Dark Horse comic series from Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. Anticipation for the series has grown steadily since reports of a TV adaptation surfaced last year. In which Netflix revealed filming had begun on The Umbrella Academy. Early on, Ellen Page was cast as Vanya (The White Violin), and Mary J. Blige was set to play a lead villain.

The adaptation begins with the immaculate conception and sudden birth of 43 infants around the world. Seven surviving children are adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, a mysterious and wealthy philanthropist, who intends to help them master each of their superpowers. Preparing them to save the world from a coming crisis. When he dies several years later, the misfit siblings reunite to solve the mystery behind his death, all the while trying to battle off the apocalypse.

Netflix revealed the teaser for Unbrella Academy last month, and recently followed up with a full one. Less than a month remains for the series premiere.

As the heroes gather in the Hargreeves mansion – which resembles the ‘XMansion’ – Apocalyptic foreshadowing becomes a central storyline for the 10-episode initial run. For both fans of the graphic novel and newcomers alike, all signs point to The Umbrella Academy being another big win for Netflix.

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