Stranger Things Season 4
Stranger Things Season 4

Netflix released a new trailer for Stranger Things season 4, teasing the epic journey to come. The clip shows scenes from the first three seasons of the show before giving brief glimpses at the upcoming season. Eleven can be seen in the hands of an unknown enemy while Hopper looks to be coming to the rescue with a flame thrower. The gang can also be seen together, with Steven, Lucas, Max, Dustin, Nancy, and Robin exploring what looks to be an abandoned house. Finally, a crashed car, cheerleaders, and the group riding on their bikes is quickly shown before it is revealed that Stranger Things will return in 2022. Check out the video below:

Although the glimpses are brief, any tease of Stranger Things season 4 is exciting. While the plot of the upcoming season is still under wraps, the new trailer certainly hints at some interesting developments. How Eleven ends up being captured will be on everyone’s minds, as will just who exactly Hopper is coming to rescue. Typically, he would be searching for Eleven due to his close bond with her, but it almost looks as if he is in the same house that the other group is.

Also interesting is the mysterious image of the grandfather clock which also looks to be in the aforementioned house, possibly located somewhere in Hawkins. Executive producer Shawn Levy has teased an undisclosed location where a major plot of Stranger Things season 4 will take place, though, so it could be somewhere that audiences aren’t expecting. With the series already heading to Russia and following Eleven and Will wherever they’re going, it truly does seem like the upcoming season will be bigger than ever before.


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