Eternals Spider-Man

Marvel’s Eternals is kicking its final marketing campaign into high gear, and today that means a new TV spot that drops heavy references to larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just in case fans didn’t yet know this film is part of that epic universe (kidding). Entitled “Fun”, this new Eternals preview is less about the actual story and characters (which both remain somewhat vague), but rather a sizzle reel of scenes in which the Eternals are talking about other major superhero characters, aping their catchphrases, or even making reference to DC Comics superheroes like Superman.

Check out the latest TV spot for Marvel’s Eternals below:

There could be good reason that Marvel Studios is rolling out this kind of Eternals promo with still another week yet to go: Eternals doesn’t exactly scream “Marvel movie” when you see the trailers and previous TV spots. In fact, this tale of immortal god-lik beings who have secretly helped guide Earth and humanity’s evolution seems more like a Ridley Scott film. Aside from the aforementioned “Superman” (Richard Madden’s Ikaris) battling alien-looking beasts, there seems to be very little in the way of a traditional “good guys vs. bad guys and/or main villain” structure to Eternals at all. 

That’s all to say: having commercials that openly highlight how the Eternals are aware of the superheroes and events of the MCU saga thus far may be prudent and necessary to helping draw more people into the film. 

Marvel’s Eternals will be in theaters on November 5th.