Looks like that “final” Devil May Cry 5 trailer wasn’t the final one after all- Capcom has put out another trailer for the massively anticipated action title, and this time, it puts the spotlight squarely on Nero, one of the game’s three main protagonists.

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The initial reveal trailer for Devil May Cry 5 was a welcomed sight during E3 2018. In the wake of the reboot DmC: Devil May Cry in 2013, it wasn’t clear how the franchise would continue. That game had the fan base split as a result of its reimagining of longstanding series favorite Dante as a punk-inspired demon killer without his trademark white hair. Despite those initial controversies, Capcom looks to have refocused on what longtime fans want their heroes to look like.

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The latest game trailer shows off Nero, who originally debuted in Devil May Cry 4. Having lost an arm during the events of Devil May Cry 5 (don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler since he has a mechanical arm in the box art for the game), the character has had to pick up a few new moves. Some of these are shown in the new footage, but it’s clear that Capcom is still holding onto some secrets for the game.

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It looks as if Capcom is pushing Devil May Cry in a big way too, as the series is set to get a new animated series in the future. The Devil May Cry anime is arriving on Netflix from the same producer that created the well-received Castlevania series for the streaming service, which should have fans excited about the prospects of the series heading into the future.


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