Insidious 5 Final Trailer
Insidious 5 Final Trailer

After over a decade of terrifying audiences, the new Insidious: The Red Door trailer confirms it will be the end of the James Wan horror movie franchise. The next chapter in the series finds Patrick Wilson’s Josh and Ty Simpkins’ Dalton going on a road trip to the latter’s college, both dealing with memory issues from their past, but unsure why. They ultimately begin to learn the truth of their family’s dark past and must find a way to put an end to their demons haunting them both for good.

With just a month remaining until it hits theaters, Sony Pictures have released the final Insidious: The Red Door trailer.

The video, as seen above, shows Josh and Dalton still reeling from the terrifying events of the first two movies, in spite of having their memories supressed in the original sequel. The trailer also offers the best look yet of the Lipstick-Face Demon across the entire franchise, potentially hinting at his story being explored further in the final movie.

The confirmation that Insidious: The Red Door will be the end for the Wan horror movie franchise comes as somewhat of a surprise given it was recently announced that a spinoff was in development starring Kumail Nanjiani and Mandy Moore, the first proper attempt at expanding the series past its mainline movies. Producer Jason Blum has even previously expressed a hope for a Sinister and Insidious crossover at some point in the future, though nothing’s been said on it for five years.

While enjoying a fan following thanks to the creatives behind it, the Insidious franchise has never quite reached the heights of Wan’s fellow horror series The Conjuring Universe, especially with critics, as the majority of the Leigh Whannel-created franchise only has one of its four movies sitting at a “Fresh” approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Considering audience sentiment has even begun turning on the series, the decision to bring it to a close after Insidious: The Red Door may be a welcome one for those who have followed it over the past decade.

On the other side, though, Insidious: The Red Door marking the end for the Wan horror movie franchise does bring about a few plot threads left open. The most notable is that of Insidious: Chapter 2‘s cliffhanger ending in which Lin Shaye’s Elise, now working with Specs and Tucker as a spirit, is confronted by an unseen entity menacing Jenna Ortega’s family, with the following movies being prequels rather than sequels. Unless the spinoff or fifth movie clears up this thread, audiences may never know what Elise saw and if she was able to help.