Adult Swim and Crunchyroll announced a new programming partnership that will bring more anime to television.

Adult Swim, an adult-oriented nighttime programming block on Cartoon Network, has been bringing popular anime series to North American viewers since its launch in September 2001. The new partnership with Crunchyroll, a streaming subscription service for anime that is broadcasted in Japan, will bring greater exposure to anime along with allowing Adult Swim to have access to more licensed and original anime.

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“Our partnership with Crunchyroll will open up exciting new possibilities for both of us,” commented Jason DeMarco, SVP and creative director for on-air at Adult Swim. “This will expand Toonami’s already great programming to include even more premiere and original anime. It’s a great time to be an anime fan!”

“Our mission is to grow anime globally, which makes Adult Swim the perfect partner as Toonami has been incredibly influential in the growth of anime here in the U.S.,” Crunchyroll GM Joanne Waage stated. “We can’t wait to show our fans what we have in store for them through this new programming partnership. Expect new co-productions, expanded distribution of dubs, and generally more accessible anime!”

When Sony Pictures acquired Funimation last year, Crunchyroll had to pull two of its most popular Funimation series, Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia. These series are now available on Hulu due to a partnership they have with Funimation. These series, along with other anime series, have helped Hulu become a formidable competitor among the anime streaming services along with Netflix.

With the new partnership between Crunchyroll and Adult Swim, this could potentially make them the two biggest anime distributors stateside.

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