American Horror Story 1984
American Horror Story 1984

American Horror Story fans have been eagerly awaiting more details about the mysterious ninth season of the show, and now FX has finally released some new teasers that provide a first look at AHS: 1984

The footage shows a bunch of boozy teenagers driving up to Camp Redwood — but what they don’t know is that a knife-wielding maniac is hanging onto the bottom of one of their vehicles. Naturally, there is to be some bloodshed in the future of these carefree adolescents.

It’s not clear if these trailers are actually representing what’s going to happen in the show, or just giving us a juicy taste of the retro slasher vibes 1984 is aiming to emulate. The teaser outdoes itself with a shot clearly ripped from the final scene in Friday the 13th. While the teaser doesn’t actually feature any footage from the new episodes, it certainly succeeds in setting the tone for what may be a very different season of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story: 1984 arrives on FX on September 18, 2019.

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