Baby Yoda Hallmark Ornament
Baby Yoda Hallmark Ornament

Hallmark announced ornaments based on The Mandalorian for their keepsake collection coming in time for Christmas. Disney +’s The Mandalorian captured the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans, and the public as well. The Mandalorian became a driving force for people to subscribe to Disney +. The story of The Mandalorian, his associate Cara Dune, and the mysterious “child” lovingly dubbed “Baby Yoda” by the internet has become an integral part of popular culture.

The success of The Mandalorian was unprecedented, and the desires for merchandise featuring The Mandalorian, as well as plush toys of his erstwhile charge Baby Yoda, reached critical levels. Disney and Lucasfilm promptly began to churn out merchandise for Baby Yoda, with many toys slated for release in the spring and summer. Fans have eagerly searched for anything and everything relating to Baby Yoda, in particular with companies like Build a Bear and Hot Toys getting on The Mandalorian bandwagon.

Now Hallmark has announced a selection of ornaments for The Mandalorian, featuring the bounty hunter and Baby Yoda itself. The Mandalorian is depicted as wearing his Beskar armor, weapons ready for a fight.  Crafted in plastic, the ornament is perfect for storage and gift-giving. Likewise, Baby Yoda is also crafted for what Hallmark has called a “far more dangerous galaxy.” Sitting in his transport pod with a hopeful smile on his face, The Child is the perfect addition to anyone’s Christmas tree.  Check out the ornaments below.

Both Hallmark ornaments retail for 20 dollars and will be available for purchase on October 3, 2020. Hallmark has also announced a wooden keepsake Baby Yoda with a pull string that moves his arms and legs. The edge of the pull string is the little guy’s favorite snack, a Sorgan frog. Retailing for 16.00, this holiday keepsake will be available July 11, 2020, giving fans a chance to get a head start on their holiday shopping.

Disney and Lucasfilm were surprised by The Mandalorian, capturing the hearts and minds of streaming audiences. Disney + has more than made up for the shortfall when it comes to Baby Yoda merchandise. Fans can collect these new favorite Star Wars characters for a little extra magic around Christmas. Hopefully, the popularity of the show and The Mandalorian and his charge will inspire more ornaments featuring the show’s characters. In the meantime, Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian are ready to come home with your family for the holiday season.

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