Breaking Bad movie
Breaking Bad movie

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul posts a photo of himself with Bryan Cranston to continue teasing a mystery collaboration between the two.

On his official Twitter account, Paul shared a picture of himself walking alongside Cranston. Cryptically, the caption reads “Even sooner.” Check it out below:

The pair have been teasing a big announcement, first sharing an image of two jackasses on their respective social media accounts, hinting that something was on the way “soon.” Further details are unavailable at this time, but the lack of information didn’t stop Breaking Bad fans from dreaming of a reunion between Jesse Pinkman and Walter White.

The alleged plan for the Breaking Bad Movie is that it will be released on Netflix as one of their original movies. Then it will air on AMC sometime after at a much later date. The script was shot as a feature-length film. Though it has been noted that the project could get cut into a limited series of between three to four episodes.

Source: ScreenRant

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