The Mandalorian Season 2
The Mandalorian Season 2

Pedro Pascal doesn’t play The Mandalorian in every episode, it has now been revealed.

We can’t break it down into a percentage, or even a ballpark figure, but the credits for each episode of The Mandalorian reveal two doubles for the lead character played by Brendan Wayne (grandson of Oscar winner John Wayne) and Lateef Crowder. To perhaps paint a picture about how often it’s one of the doubles under the helmet, director Bryce Dallas Howard revealed that she never once worked with Pedro Pascal while filming her episode of the series.

“He was in rehearsals for King Lear on Broadway. And so, while we were doing my episode, I wasn’t working with Pedro,” the actress turned director told Vulture, revealing Wayne was per primary Mandalorian double. “He absolutely just brought everything to that character, and we were able to find the moments and figure them out together.”

Of course, Pascal himself does do all the voice acting for Mando, much as James Earl Jones did the vocal work for Darth Vader while David Prowse embodied the character physically. As with Vader, it is expected that Pascal will show his face at some point during the season (the show already revealed that Mandalorians do in fact remove their helmets, just not in front of other people), and indeed the actor let it out in an interview that his character’s real name is revealed at some point. So, fans anxious to know more about The Mandalorian, including what he looks like underneath that helmet, should get some answers somewhere along the way. Indeed, it wouldn’t make much sense to hire an actor like Pascal to play the role if you meant to keep him hidden behind a helmet the whole time.

The first five episodes of Star Wars: The Mandalorian are now available to stream on Disney+.

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