DC Peacemaker TV Show Logo
DC Peacemaker TV Show Logo

James Gunn and John Cena reveal the logo for their upcoming The Suicide Squad DC spinoff show Peacemaker. Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel of course isn’t even out yet, and already Gunn and Cena are gearing up to release an HBO Max show featuring Cena’s character, described by Cena himself as “a douchey Captain America.”

DC comics fans are well aware of the backstory of Peacemaker, a diplomat so committed to peace that he later becomes a heavily armed vigilante. Peacemaker indeed finally becomes so deeply immersed in his violent cause that he begins believing he can hear the ghosts of those he’s killed speaking to him inside his helmet. Though the character was never associated with Suicide Squad in the comics, Gunn liked the over-zealous vigilante well enough to put him in his upcoming Suicide Squad movie sequel, which of course also features the return of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

With HBO Max getting set to give Peacemaker his own show, Gunn and Cena both took to social media to help kick off the marketing push by sharing the series’ logo. See their posts in the space below:

HBO Max is of course becoming deeply involved with DC, as they will debut Zack Snyder’s long-awaited cut of Justice League while also developing a Justice League Dark series and a series spun off from Matt Reeves’ The Batman that focuses on the Gotham City Police Department. Reportedly, the decision to give Peacemaker his own spinoff series originated with Warner Bros. executives who fell in love with the character after seeing Cena’s performance in The Suicide Squad. Gunn himself is set to write all eight episodes of the show and direct the pilot, which definitely gives the series instant credibility among comic book movie and TV fans.

The fact that Cena’s take on Peacemaker so impressed Warner Bros. brass presumably speaks well of the overall quality of Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, a film fans hope will do a better job of capturing the spirit of the original comic books than David Ayer’s 2016 movie. Given the nature of Peacemaker and the over-the-top R-rated action promised by The Suicide Squad, Gunn and Cena’s HBO Max show is sure to be a crazy romp. HBO of course had a huge success with the DC title Watchmen, even winning multiple Emmys. Peacemaker figures to be a very different show than Watchmen, which tackled a lot of heavy themes during its run, but the great thing about comic book universes is that there’s lots of room to explore many different approaches and tones. Those possibilities are indeed now being explored much more fully with the proliferation of streaming services, including outlets like HBO Max that are ready and willing to spend big money and take some big chances.

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