The Mighty Ducks 1992 poster
The Mighty Ducks 1992 poster

Some of the first character details have reportedly been revealed for the upcoming Mighty Ducks television series that will stream on Disney+.

The Illuminerdi reports that production on the series will begin this February in Vancouver with the first season of the series consisting of ten episodes. In addition, the outlet notes that the kids on the new hockey team “will have a hidden talent that is initially viewed as a detriment. Only after being introduced to hockey and teamwork will they discover all of their hidden potential and flourish.” The site also has breakdowns for two of these characters, which read:

“Adib Samitar/”Sam” is an 11 to 13-year-old African American or Somali boy. Sam has mastered skateboard riding and always does things his way. The thrill-seeker rarely turns down a challenge, even deciding to befriend Evan after a violent collision on his trusty board. He joins the squad after realizing that he will be allowed to be a renegade.”

“Jaden Koobler/”Koob” is an 11 to 13 year old boy, who is said to be heavyset. Koob will never be mistaken for an Olympian, but instead is a hardcore video game player whose skin is pale from long hours of marathon gaming in his downstairs man cave. Though he rarely breaks focus from his monitors, he proves to have an almost superhuman level of dexterity and reflexes that are worthy of a kung-fu master. Koob is wary of joining the squad and will need to be dragged out of his safe space.”

With the love of nostalgia in full swing across all realms of Hollywood, including streaming services, it’s fairly easy to see why a Mighty Ducks reboot television series would be a great idea for Disney+. And from the two character breakdowns now revealed, it seems as though they’re really willing to capture the spirit of the original films that were fun to watch. It will be quite exciting to learn more about this upcoming series and who gets cast – as fans can all remember the original films starring youngster Canadian Joshua Jackson pretty much got his film career rolling.

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