Official concept art for the Disney+ Loki TV series has shown Loki on Earth in what seems to be 1975.

Official photos from Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day, which was held on April 11 to present new material to come from Disney’s studios, have just been released online. One image from that set shows Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige standing before a screen displaying the logo and concept art for Loki.

The logo is somewhat reminiscent of the typeface from the Journey Into Mystery series by Kieron Gillen that featured Kid Loki as the protagonist. This makes sense, considering the rumors surrounding the series being inspired by that cult-favorite comic book run.

But one of the most interesting reveals here is the image of Loki walking down a busy street with a film marquee behind him, with the movie Jaws on display. This pegs some of the events of the series occurring in 1975, the year Steven Spielbeg’s classic thriller movie premiered, and confirming that the show will indeed bounce around to a few different timelines as was previously rumored.

Disney+ will launch in November of this year. However, at this time a release window has not been announced for the premiere of Loki.

Source: ComicBook

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